LinkedIn Cheat Sheet for Veterans

CDR Carl B. Forkner, Ph.D., USN(Ret)

From time-to-time I come across something that is very helpful, even though it may be a somewhat short post here.

Here is a nice LinkedIn “Cheat Sheet” from Natalie Oliverio, focused on helping Veterans update their profile as they transition to civilian life: LinkedIn Cheat Sheet (Click Here)

If you are transitioning from active service to the civilian sector, being on LinkedIn is essential! It helps you build a professional network, has positions with reputable companies and organizations–many to which you can apply right through LinkedIn, and INfluencers to follow that can help you understand better the civilian professional mindset and where business is going in the future.

LinkedIn also offers Veterans a year of FREE premium access, which includes access to all of the (now owned by LinkedIn) online courses.

The Fiction and Fallacy of Gun Control

CDR Carl B. Forkner, Ph.D., USN(Ret)

This is shared from a law enforcement officer in Australia, where a few years ago, their government passed a law requiring firearm owners to turn in their firearms for compensation, costing the government more than a half BILLION dollars. the result…not at all what they had in mind… Continue reading “The Fiction and Fallacy of Gun Control”

Veteran & Service Member Suicide: Objective ZERO

CDR Carl B. Forkner, Ph.D., USN(Ret)

Roughly 20 Veterans and one current service member take their lives every day, at a rate that is over 20% higher than non-Veterans. The objective: ZERO suicides…  Read on to find out how you can help with the Objective Zero program! Continue reading “Veteran & Service Member Suicide: Objective ZERO”


CDR Carl B. Forkner, Ph.D., USN(Ret)

Hey, everyone! This is just a quick little post about today’s special 🙂


Did you know that there are many Veteran-Owned restaurants that would love your business and support? Check out the list here:

Pick your restaurant, pick your toppings, and have a great NATIONAL PIZZA DAY!

New Veterans Advocacy System in Wisconsin

@VeteranAdvocacy: Wisconsin proposes “Green Alert” system for missing veterans who are “at-risk” instead of having to meet “critically missing” eligibility, which can take many days
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