3 Misconceptions That Can Tank Your Military Transition

This is a nice post about military-to-civilian transition by another Veteran. Worth a read!

Just James...

Let’s face it…we did what most Americans won’t do.  We made the decision, for whatever reason, to serve in the military.  We did great things, endured hard times and some of us may have possibly shed blood for this great country of ours.  During a time of extended conflict, we chose to join and/or stay in the military and for that, we should be commended.  However, if we think that just because we served in the military that we are entitled to, well, anything after our service has ended, we need to seriously revaluate that way of thinking.

Difference Between Deserving and Entitlement

            Webster defines the word deserve as doing something or have or show qualities worthy of.  Webster defines entitlement as the belief that one is inherently supposed to have privileges or special treatment.  It can be very easy to confuse the two words, but as you can…

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