Veterans: The Transition to Your Next Career

CDR Carl B. Forkner, Ph.D., USN(Ret)

Perhaps the most challenging part of a military career—other than that first few weeks at Basic Training or OCS—is the preparation for and execution of your transition from the military to the civilian world. There are many public and private sector resources available to you to assist with your transition… FEAR NOT! There is help!

This post is being published by Career Connectors, a Phoenix-area nonprofit that provides resources for people seeking to advance their careers or start a new one. Their site is and has many resources that are free!

Click the link below the read the post:

To see the Career Connectors schedule of events, go to:


Want to learn more about transitioning from military to civilian life and the tools available to you? Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants (@DWWTC) has a trained Military/Veteran Resource Navigator available on site to help you find the right resources, from training to healthcare to careers! Call 866.399.8287 today to make an appointment to help you get the tools and contacts you need to continue your experience as a leader in the civilian world!


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