Handy References for Veterans

This is the excerpt for a featured content post.

CDR Carl B. Forkner, Ph.D., USN(Ret)

As a Military/Veterans Resource Navigator, I have worked at my company to provide resources to Veterans for the last two years. Although the focus of this material is on education and training, I also provide information on other areas, including healthcare, benefits, financial resources, housing and “back on your feet” resources, and help with the career transition from a military career into the private sector.

Below is a listing of important numbers and websites for Veterans and their families. Please feel free to print it out and put it on the fridge, in your wallet, with your medical papers/will/etc. for easy reference both for yourself and those who love you.


I will be posting more materials as each week goes by. Watch this space for more resources, links, and news!

If any of you have ideas that you would like to share–either on a one-time or ongoing basis–please contact me about contributing to this Blog site; I would welcome your inputs, reference, resources, and stories!

Semper Fortis!

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